Property & Conveyancing

Forbes Dowling Lawyers can assist you with all your property needs, including commercial leasing, acquisitions, sales and general residential conveyancing.

Our aim is to use our skills and expertise to safeguard your interest, protect your rights and to ensure that your transaction runs smoothly and swiftly. We pride ourselves on our professionalism, commitment to quality and our dedication to personalised service.

Our property team has extensive experience in assisting you with all your requirements from retail or commercial leasing, acquisition or sale of commercial or residential property. You will always have a professional looking after your needs to ensure that you always settle on time.

Save Your Time with Us - We recognise the value of time. We are passionate about doing our part to give you efficient service to satisfy for your legal requirements.

The Highest Quality Services - We have experienced solicitors who are able to provide advice and guidance in situations that require a high level of expertise.

→ We can offer advice and assistance throughout your transaction and our property team are eager to assist you and keep you updated regularly during the course of your transaction and can do so by way of email.

→ We appreciate that when clients buy or sell a property, it is often the largest and most important investment decision a person will make in their lifetime. It can also be a most stressful time for clients.

→ Before you sign a contract we strongly recommend that you seek professional legal advice in order to safeguard and protect your rights. You certainly have the right to know upfront how much you will be paying for your property and conveyancing services. We offer to provide a quote for services, including for sales and purchases. You will need to cover the cost of any outlays associated with your transaction, plus any GST requirement.

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