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Building Disputes Building Contracts Planning and Development

We design appropriate resolution strategies encompassing litigation, arbitration, expert determination, and alternative dispute resolution for construction claims, including conduct of proceedings, in all jurisdictions, with a preference for cost effective mediation or alternative dispute resolution as a priority before litigation.

We have considerable experience in the conduct of litigation at all levels and jurisdictions and appear in a high percentage of cases and in most interlocutory hearings.

Our lawyers are also experienced in using alternative methods to resolve disputes. Our experience in the areas of mediation and commercial negotiation helps achieve cost effective results, more promptly than the litigation process.

Experience shows that early identification of disputes is essential to the minimisation of costs, which ultimately leads to a successful project. Our role is two-fold: identify any technical steps that must be taken under the contract and work with our clients to achieve a satisfactory and efficient resolution of disputes.

Contract Disputes
• Advice in respect to commercial and residential construction, project management, subcontracts, engineering and other construction related agreements
• Advice and Appeals pursuant to the Building and Construction Industry Security of Payment Act 1999
• Dispute Resolution with respect to the issues arising during the course of construction projects

Building Disputes
• Advising and acting for home owners, builders, developers and other parties regarding building defects claims
• Advising on proportionate liability issues
• Claims in negligence or for breach of contract against building professionals including Engineers, Architects, Principal Certifying Authorities and Construction and Design Contractors in residential building matters
• Recommending, managing and instructing experts to assess and report on building defects

Other Legal Services:

Commercial Litigation Insolvency Debt Recovery Corporate Building Constructions Property and Conveyancing Personal Injury Wills, Probate and Estates