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Building Contracts Building Disputes Planning and Development

Our Team can assist you with the negotiation and drafting of commercial and residential construction, project management, sub-contracts, engineering and other construction related agreements.

Construction Contracts
Our Contracts seek to optimise risk allocation and efficient project management to plan and conform with insurance cover and conditions. We know the difficulty of balancing the commercial success of winning a contract with the need to ensure the protection of a contractor's legal rights.

In the administration of contracts, difficulties always arise involving complex or highly technical issues. We can advise our clients on those technical issues without losing sight of the overall commercial objective.

Contract Documentation
We make it simple by selecting and modifying standard form documentation to develop specific documentation, including for design and construct, guaranteed maximum price, novated and incentivised contracts and cost plus agreements.

If the principal has elected to use one of the standard contracts common in the industry,
then we can develop amendments directed at a client's particular exposure.

Contract Delivery & Advice
We provide advice on contract administration, claims detection, assessment and prevention claims negotiating and strategy.

Because construction does not take place in isolation from the business community, commercial issues may impinge upon a project. Additional areas of law that we may be required to address include issues in the area of consumer law, industrial relations, property rights, environmental law and Work Health and Safety to name just a few.

Other Legal Services:

Commercial Litigation Insolvency Debt Recovery Corporate Building Constructions Property and Conveyancing Personal Injury Wills, Probate and Estates